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EDUCATION RULES for SB 576 has been extended to Sept 1, 2016

Posted 8 months ago by Mary Bidgood-Wilson

Re: Educational Requirements for APRN's who possess an active DEA number for controlled substance prescribing.

Dear Licensee,

The legislature has been very busy addressing the opioid crisis in NH. Many actions have resulted that affect healthcare licensees who are prescribers of controlled substances. The Board of Nursing adopted emergency prescribing rules that parallel the Board of Medicine. Regular rules will be adopted in June, 2016 and will be contained in Nur 500 Chapter that can be accessed at: -Nurse Practice Act- Chap 100-800. Other related rules that address the Prescription Drug Management Program (PDMP) and 3rd party Narcan prescribing are also contained in Nur 500.

SB 576 requires all prescribers who possess a United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) license number to register with the PDMP program, shall complete and submit verification of 3 contact hours (of the 5 that are already required for renewal and reinstatement) of regulatory board-approved online continuing education or pass an on-line examination, in the the area of pain management , opioid prescribing, addiction disorder or a combination, as a condition for initial licensure and license renewal or reinstatement. The board will also accept contact hour completion certificates from organizations that are nationally recognized experts on these topics via conference, webinar or webcast formats. See board approved resources at: under the APRN heading.

Beginning September 1, 2016, licensees must submit evidence of completing 3 contact hours of education in order to license, renew or reinstatement an APRN license. For those who have renewed before September 1, please bear in mind that your next renewal will require evidence of this education, so please access the recommended sites.