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NHNPA first spotlight Margaret Frankhauser - In the Spotlight

Posted 3 months ago by Mary Bidgood-Wilson

The New Hampshire Nurse Practitioner Association is excited to announce a new opportunity we have created to recognize the wonderful work our friends and colleagues are doing to promote our profession and wellbeing of our patients. If you know of someone who deserves recognition for the work they do, please let us know by clicking on the link below!

Margaret Frankhauser has been working as the Executive Director of Central NH VNA and Hospice. She has also worked in the National Health Service Corps, with the NH Department of HHS, and as a Program Chief with the Bureau of Disease Control. She was named to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Executive Nurse Leader Fellowship. She has served on numerous national and state task forces and worked tirelessly with the NH Board of Nursing representing APRNs. Her tireless work ethic, passion for leadership, and support has shaped our profession since 1985. Join us on November 10 for NP KICKOFF and a shout out to Margaret as she transitions to Colorado to work as the CEO of the Next Fifty Initiative.


Thom Bloomquist about 2 months ago

An impressive record of service and accomplisment. Good to see your richly deserved salute. Best Regards

Susan Mckeown about 2 months ago

Congratulation, Margaret. What a win for Colorado and a loss for NH. The very best to you! Susan :)

Denise Naiva about 2 months ago

You have been an inspiration to me ever since I decided to become a nurse practitioner. You have forged strong relationships and have made our community healthier and stronger due to your work. Your energy sparks action into others. I wish you success and happiness in your new endeavor. You will be missed! I'll be bringing my mom to Florida November 9th (she's just a little over 50 :) so I won't be able to attend your celebration, but my congratulations will be with you! All the best! Denise

Donna Cassidy about 2 months ago

Congratulations Margaret. What a wonderful and exciting opportunity. NH has been blessed to have you fighting for all the NP priviledges and practices that todays NPs enjoy, and we both know it wasn't always that way. Congratulations and thanks for all you have done for the profession and best of luck in your new challenge. Donna Cassidy

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