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Legislative Update for week of Jan. 30- Feb 3 related to NP issues

Posted over 2 years ago by Mary Bidgood-Wilson

Subcommittee meeting on HB 208: reaffirmed the importance of having a member of that Commission ( to study involuntary commitment )who is an APRN appointed by the NHNPA.

HB 550, which would establish a Scientific Review Board that would determine what controlled substances would be scheduled under NH law. I urged the Committee to add an APRN to this Review Board since APRNs have plenary prescribing authority and since the Board would logically benefit from the experience and expertise of an APRN, given the fact that APRNs deliver a substantial portion of the primary care delivered in NH

Lastly, I testified once again before the HHS Committee at the end of the day on Tuesday, this time on HB 602, the bill to create a commission to review alternatives to SPU incarceration for people who are civilly committed but who have not been convicted of a crime. I asked the Committee to include an APRN member on this Commission also, in light of the indispensable role played by APRNs at NH Hospital. 

Report by Bob Dunn