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Legislative Update May 30 -June 2

Posted about 2 years ago by Mary Bidgood-Wilson

This week, the Senate passed HB 144 (the state operating budget) and HB 571 (the budget trailer bill). The trailer bill includes provisions relative to the  strengthening of the mental health system (provisions that previously had been contained in HB 400). One of the items passed by the Senate creates a new mental health medical supervisor in DHHS. This new position (to be appointed by the Commissioner of DHHS) must be either a psychiatrist or a psych NP. The duties of this medical supervisor will include collecting and reporting information regarding patients in need of high acuity mental health treatment and information regarding treatment options, and the person will assist in triage for appropriate inpatient, partial hospitalization, and/or community based services.


The House will vote on the budget and trailer bills on Thursday. Most likely the House will request a committee of conference which then would meet the following week. Committees of conference must be completed by June 15.