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Final Legislative Update 2017

Posted about 2 years ago by Mary Bidgood-Wilson

Thursday , the House and Senate passed a budget as agreed to by the Committee of Conference two weeks ago. Among other things, the budget substantially increases funding on the mental health side and creates a number of new mental health beds in several different types of settings and it also establishes a medical director position at New Hampshire Hospital, which under the terms of the law expressly could be an APRN. There is also increased funding for items such as long term care in both the nursing home and CFI settings. The  budget package also includes for instance a new work requirement under the NH Health Protection Program (Medicaid expansion). DHHS is required to send the waiver request to CMS and the waiver has to be approved by April 30, 2018. If it is not approved, the Commissioner has to notify participants that the NH Health Protection Program will not be reauthorized when the time for that reauthorization arrives in December of 2018 (as you may recall, the Obama-era CMS rejected a similar proposal).

Also yesterday, Governor Sununu, Speaker of the House Jasper, and Senate President Morse sent a letter to US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell weighing in on the legislation being considered regarding replacement of the ACA. As you can see, the letter expresses concerns about the version of the replacement legislation passed by the US House (the New Hampshire letter preceded the unveiling of the US Senate plan yesterday).