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Consider reaching out to Family and Friends in Maine regarding Better Care Conciliation Act ( BCRA)

Posted about 2 years ago by Mary Bidgood-Wilson

The time is now. Please take 3 minutes and call Senator Collins.  She needs to hear the following message before the end of the day on Monday:

I am calling today to encourage Senator Collins to vote no on the Better Care Conciliation Act (BCRA) - It contains a number of provisions that will negatively impact the healthcare coverage of many Americans and destabilize our health care system. Moving forward, I believe that any bill reforming our health care system requires a full and reasoned bipartisan debate with input from health care providers and consumers. Therefore, I urge Senator Collins to vote no on any bill that has not been scored by the Congressional Budget Office (CB) or does not allow sufficient time for full and open scrutiny and discussion once the CBO scores have been published.  

Phone Number for Senator Collins: 202-224-2523 (leaving a voicemail is OK)

A note to our members: 

Please know that behind the scenes, the RoundTable and many other non-partisan organizations have been reviewing the text of the BCRA and evaluating its impact on rural healthcare.  We will be collaborating with others and coordinating our messaging. At this point in time, the general consensus is that the bill is not good for rural health and should not pass through the Senate. 

What about the other Senators in the region:

All 11 of the of the other Senators in New England have said they will vote "no" on the bill.  In fact, our region is home to some of the strongest supporters of rural healthcare!  If you are inclined to contact other Senators a message of thanks and reinforcement would be sufficient.  

Here are links to each of New England Senator's health specific legislative assistant: Senator Murphy - CTSenator Blumenthal - CTSenator Warren - MASenator Markey - MASenator King - MESenator Collins - MESenator Shaheen - NHSenator Hassan - NHSenator Whitehouse - RISenator Reed - RISenator Sanders - VT and Senator Leahy - VT.

Thank you all that you do for rural health in New England,

Kim Mohan - Executive Director