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GET READY FOR NP WEEK EVENT . Joy In Medical Practice: Clinician Satisfaction In The Healthy Work Place Trial

Posted almost 2 years ago by Mary Bidgood-Wilson

’These findings from the Healthy Work Place trial provide empirical support for the current movement aiming to restore the joy in practice.4,23 Indeed, many providers in the trial were satisfied with being a clinician, although they experienced stress from adverse work conditions. Many roadblocks to joy in practice exist, including regulations, electronic medical records, the push for productivity, and the challenges of promoting work/life balance.23 Our data show that a large number of practicing clinicians are satisfied, but their satisfaction might be improved by addressing the work environment (making it less chaotic) and by promoting a more positive organizational culture, including cohesion, trust, values, and an emphasis on good communication. For practices struggling to maintain efficiency, building cohesion, aligning clinicians’ and leaders’ values, and building trust through better communication may be mechanisms to support a more efficient and sustainable practice.