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INTERESTING READ The "Shkreli Awards" - The ten most shocking examples of profits over patients in 2017

Posted over 1 year ago by ENP Admin

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At the end of the year, most blogs will write a “Best Of” list for the year. But this holiday season, we’re doing the opposite — highlighting the most egregious examples of profit-mongering and lack of empathy in health care in 2017.

Welcome to The “Shkreli Awards“ named for Martin Shkreli, the cocky pharma “bro” that everyone loves to hate. (Shkreli, the former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, is best known for unapologetically buying up long-established drugs and raising the prices astronomically.)

Our hope is not just to shock you with these stories, but to show what can happen when our health care system is based on profit rather than patient well-being. These may be exceptional cases, but waste, profit-mongering, overuse, and underuse happen every day in our health care system... Click here to continue reading


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