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Legislative Updates Week of January 21,2018

Posted over 1 year ago by Mary Bidgood-Wilson

This week, NHNPA Executive Director Mary Bidgood-Wilson and NHNPA Lobbyist Bob Dunn served on a New Hampshire Nurses Association panel for the NHNA Annual Town Hall meeting concerning legislation for 2018. 

NHNPA also participated in a hearing in the House Executive Departments Committee on HB 1571, Representative Howard Moffett’s bill on alternative monitoring for nurses.  Kitty Kidder of the NHNPA Board (and also the Board of Nursing) testified on behalf of the Association in support of this bill.  As Representative Moffett put it in his testimony, “a nurse is a terrible thing to waste.” 

Aside from the work in the legislature this week, there was also activity going on in the administrative realm.  Alison Davis, an APRN from Catholic Medical Center, spoke on behalf of NHNPA at a meeting of the Medical Imaging and Radiology Therapy Board on Wednesday.  Based on conversations at prior MIRT Board meetings, there has been concern that the administrative rules that the Board is developing might not be adequately recognizing nurse scope of practice.  We are following the progress of this and will weigh in further as necessary