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Legislative Updates week of February 11 2018

Posted over 1 year ago by Mary Bidgood-Wilson

The long- awaited Medicaid expansion reauthorization bill was published late on Thursday as SB 313. The Senate has scheduled a hearing for Tuesday at 2 PM in Representatives Hall at the State House, and they have taken the unusual step of scheduling a joint hearing between the Senate Finance Committee and the Senate HHS Committee. (Typically, these hearings take place sequentially rather than simultaneously, and so this is strong proof that the Senate is prepared to move this bill along as quickly as possible). As you know, this initiative is one of NHNPA’s top priorities for 2018, and so we will be there to register our support for the bill. We will be in touch with you to make calls as the situation dictates. Keep an eye out for further communications on that front.

Also on Thursday the Senate passed SB 473, legislation supported by NHNPA that going forward would prohibit health care facilities from requiring APRNs or other providers to have to enter into non-compete agreements. This bill now heads over to the House.