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Legislative Updates week of February 25 2018 and March 4 2018

Posted over 1 year ago by Mary Bidgood-Wilson

WEEK of 2/25

The legislature was on break this week and so only a few committees were meeting to vote on bills. Next week, though, the full House will be voting on almost 400 bills, including HB 1241 and HB 1516, the bills looking at single payor and “health care for all”. These came out of the Commerce Committee with recommendations that the bills be killed. The House will also vote on HB 1506, a bill opposed by NHNPA that would allow “graduate physicians” to work in New Hampshire. Also, the Senate Committees will be continuing their work on SB 313, the Medicaid Expansion reauthorization.

WEEK 3/4

The big news of the week was yesterday’s passage by the Senate of SB 313, the Medicaid expansion reauthorization bill. The bipartisan vote was 17-7.  The version of the bill that passed the Senate includes a suggestion made by NHNPA to include an APRN on the commission established in the bill to provide recommendations concerning the Medicaid expansion program.


          On Tuesday, the House voted to pass HB 1506, the bill to create a new category of “graduate physicians” for those who have graduated from medical school but who have not done a residency program. NHNPA joined with the New Hampshire Medical Society in opposing this bill, and we will continue to oppose the bill as it moves over to the Senate.