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Legislative Update Week of March 19 and HB 1506 update

Posted over 1 year ago by Mary Bidgood-Wilson

The big event at the State House this week was the House HHS Committee’s public hearing on SB 313, the Medicaid Expansion reauthorization bill. For several hours, the House HHS Committee heard testimony (almost entirely favorable) on the bill. NHNPA of course registered its support. We are expecting that SB 313 will be voted on by the HHS Committee next week, and that it will be on the floor of the House the following week. Now is the time to be contacting your local members of the House of Representatives to urge their support for the legislation.


            In other news, yesterday the Senate passed SB 383, a bill supported by NHNPA that would create a commission to study enhanced access to health care for all. This one now goes over to the House.


Next week, the Senate Executive Departments Committee will hold a public hearing on HB 1506, the bill allowing so-called “graduate physicians” to work in New Hampshire without having done a residency. NHNPA opposes this bill, and we (along with representatives of all the other health care organizations interested in this bill) will be there to testify against it. Memebers of the ED and A are listed below. If your senator is a member please consider reaching out. talking pointsare on the News and Announcements Tab, We need your help urgently Thank you , Mary

Sharon Carson  Chairman
John Reagan  V Chairman
William Gannon  
Donna Soucy  
Kevin Cavanaugh