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Legislative Update Week of March 26th

Posted over 1 year ago by Mary Bidgood-Wilson

Great news this week from the House HHS Committee which, by a 21-0 vote, passed SB 313, the Medicaid expansion reauthorization bill. We are also happy to report that the final version of the bill as recommended by the Committee includes a provision which amends the bill to correct what appears to have been a drafting error concerning the provision in the bill that addressed well care visits to primary care providers. The version of the bill that came out of the Senate said that if a person did not have a primary care “provider”, they were to pick one from a list of primary care “physicians”. Recognizing that as written this would be a limitation on access, the Committee approved an amendment suggested by NHNPA to change “physicians” to “providers”. The bill will be on the floor of the House next week.

That was not the only good news of the week, however. On Wednesday, the Senate Executive Departments Committee voted 4-0 to reject the proposed graduate physician provisions in HB 1505, and replace all the text in the bill with new language that among other things adds an RN to the primary care workforce committee. Gene Harkless testified on behalf of NHNPA and lent our voice to the chorus of voices on the healthcare side that spoke against the graduate physician concept. This one will also be on the floor of the Senate next week.