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Legislative Update Week of April 1

Posted over 1 year ago by Mary Bidgood-Wilson

The major news this week was the House approval of SB 313, the Medicaid expansion reauthorization bill. The margin of victory was significant (222-125). This legislation is now on its way to the House Finance Committee, which has set its work sessions on the bill according to an unusually accelerated schedule (which is a good sign).

            Mary Bidgood-Wilson testified this week at a hearing on SB 473, the bill to do away with non-compete clauses for healthcare providers in licensed facilities. Although there was some concern expressed at the hearing regarding the breadth of the bill (because the bill as it stands now would apply to all people employed in health care facilities), there was also some support expressed for the proposition that APRNs at least should be covered. More work on the bill is slated to be done in the committee next week.

             The Senate put off until April 19, its next session day, a vote on HB 1505, the graduate physician bill. As you will recall, NHNPA opposes the concept embodied in that bill, but the amended version of the bill that the Senate will be considering is good and does not include any language concerning graduate physicians.