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Legislative Update Week of April 30, 2018

Posted about 1 year ago by Jennifer Thompson

SB 313, the Medicaid Expansion reauthorization bill, passed the House yesterday by a simple voice vote with no debate (something that would have seemed hard to believe back in January). This means that, once the Senate concurs on the House changes next week (which the Senate is certainly going to do), the bill will go to the Governor for his inevitable signature. Congratulations and thank you to all who were a part of this watershed public health effort. NHNPA was proud to have been a supporter of SB 313.

The House voted this week to pass the non-compete legislation (SB 473) which NHNPA supported. The amended bill will prohibit hospitals and health care facilities from imposing non-competes on nurses (including APRNs) licensed by the BON. This now will await a decision by the Senate on whether to concur with the House amendment. The House voted down SB 383, which would have created a commission on health care for all. Although as we reported last week there had been some sentiment on the subcommittee of the House Commerce Committee to add an APRN to the proposed commission, that issue became moot when the Committee recommended the bill be killed and then the full House followed through with that.