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Legislative Update May 11, 2018

Posted about 1 year ago by Jennifer Thompson

We are happy to report that this week the legislative journey of SB 313 successfully came to a close, as the Senate voted to concur with the House changes to SB 313. This means that the bill now goes to the Governor’s desk (and the Governor most definitely is going to sign the bill). NHNPA is proud to have been a part of this effort along with so many other dedicated healthcare advocates. Thank you to all NHNPA members who participated in this work.

Also this week, the Senate voted to ask for a Committee of Conference on SB 473, the bill that would prohibit the enforcement of non-competes involving APRNs or other nurses who work in healthcare facilities. The reason that the Senate HHS Committee recommended that the bill go to a Committee of Conference was not because the Senate objected to having the bill apply to APRNs and other nurses, but rather because the House had narrowed the scope of the bill so that it does not apply to all employees of healthcare facilities. The Committee of Conference on this bill meets on Tuesday.