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NP in the Spotlight - Jennifer Thompson

Posted about 1 year ago by Mary Bidgood-Wilson

Jennifer Thompson, 2018 NHNPA Advocate of the Year

The following letter was written by Bob Dunn, the NHNPA's Lobbyist and previous Advocate of the Year:

Over the course of the years that I have had the privilege of representing NHNPA in Concord, I have developed a theory that there is a correspondence between the skill of nursing and the skill of lawmaking. Nurses in the legislature invariably make excellent legislators, so it is obvious that if you are a good nurse you are going to be a good legislator, too.

My theory in this regard has expanded a bit, though. Over the years of working with the members of the NHNPA government affairs team, I have come to the conclusion that the same skills that make a person a good nurse also make that person a good advocate in working with the legislature. This year’s award recipient has reinforced my confidence in the truth of that theory.

The recipient of this year’s Advocate of the Year Award has been a member of the NHNPA Board for several years and has put a tremendous amount of time and effort into NHNPA’s government relations efforts. As a measure of her dedication, I need only cite the fact that I frequently see emails from her that she has sent out on weekends or evenings, and in particular I see emails that are sent out at horrifying times of the day (here is a random sample of some of those: 5:16 a.m; 5:02 a.m; 4:54 a.m; 4:49 a.m; 4:45 a.m).

She has been tireless in her work at reviewing bills and drafting testimony for NHNPA to submit to legislative committees. She has maintained her commitment to NHNPA’s advocacy efforts even after she spent an entire day with me at the State House in January. Her work on behalf of APRNs in New Hampshire has been invaluable.

So it is a great honor for me to announce that the recipient of this year’s NHNPA Advocate of the Year Award is the Chair of the NHNPA Government Affairs Committee, Jen Thompson.