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We Hear You! - Member Feedback from 2018 Annual Conference

Posted about 1 year ago by Jennifer Thompson

Thank you all for attending the  NH/MA NP Conference.

During the NHNPA luncheon meeting we surveyed our members and this is what we heard you say!!

Knowledge of the NHNPA:

Many tell us they are familiar with the NHNPA.  Most are aware of our website, legislative updates, and the conferences that we hold.

Our mission is as follows:

The New Hampshire Nurse Practitioner Association is a non-profit, professional advocacy organization, dedicated to preserving the strength and integrity of advanced practice nursing.

NHNPA remains alert to state and federal legislative and regulatory initiatives that impact the profession, and our members serve on numerous task forces, which strive to improve patient access and the quality of health care.

NHNPA supports networking among advanced practices nurses in the state, national and international arenas. We sponsor regional dinner meetings that provide educational programs, participate in regional leadership meetings, co-host the annual Northeast Regional Nurse Practitioner Conference, and have joined community partners to bring medical knowledge and resources to a small village in West Africa.

NHNPA is honored to support nursing students through the NHNPA Claire Martin Memorial Scholarship Fund. We also offer a student membership rate to those enrolled in nurse practitioner degree programs.

Whether you work in a hospital, clinic, private practice or school setting, whether you care for the very young or the very old, whether you are an employer or an employee, and whether or not you prescribe medications, NHNPA strives to make NH the best practice environment in the world for nurse practitioners!

We invite you to join us in our mission.

NHNPA Communication with the Members:



Addition of a message board.

Links to job opportunities.

Clean up to make it less busy.

Add bulleted lists with legislative updates

Member Spotlights are Back!


Better subject lines.

Continue member alerts!

Plans for website reconstruction are in the works… Stay tuned!

How can we support you? Suggestions include:

  • Monthly newsletters
  • Break down NP listing on website by speciality
  • List when board meeting occur, these are open to members!
  • DNP Information on the website
  • NP student information on the website
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Continuing education opportunities
  • Advocate for preceptor compensation.
  • NP Talking points
  • Negotiation Tips

The NHNPA Board takes your suggestions as a way to improve our relationship with our members and will be looking at these items during our board retreat this summer!

How can we Increase our membership?

  • New grad or first year membership (we do have discounted memberships for students)
  • Community presence
  • Social Media
  • Contact with school programs ( we plan on having a more organized presence with school programs )
  • Legislative training
  • Regional journal clubs

Would you ever consider getting involved?

Many said yes!  Membership and involvement are how our association survives, stay tuned on the web site for opportunities to share your time and to get involved!  We are currently looking for members to be part of our new Special Events Committee!

This Committee will organize events such as: NP Week in November, the Legislative Breakfast in January, and the Awards Reception at our annual meeting in May.  These events will focus on NP career development, advocacy, education and recognition. If you are interested, please contact Marilyn Daley at