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NPs in the Spotlight 2018 NH Nurse Practitioner of the Year

Posted about 1 year ago by Mary Bidgood-Wilson

Marilyn Daley

Remarks by Ginny Wright 2017 NH NP of the Year

This year the NP of the Year is a wonderful patient advocate, active in Healthcare policy, innovative in her practice, a faculty member and a mother. She works hard with and for her patients, students, family and organization.

She is the Clinical Director of the Cardiomyopathy Clinic, a clinic that serves approximately 700 individuals with complex medical problems. She has been responsible for a myriad of policies and procedures that guide the care of these medically fragile patients in the clinic and other satellite offices.  Her doctoral research on the treatment of patients with decompensated heart failure using IV Lasix in an outpatient setting resulted in a change in practice. The protocol she wrote for her doctoral study is now utilized by the Home Health and Hospice VNA allowing patients to avoid hospitalization. This change in practice also resulted in significant cost saving in the health care system. She is an expert practitioner and has “written the book” for the care of persons whose lives depend on their implanted Ventricular Assist Device (VAD).  She has presented at numerous national and international conferences on the care of patients with heart failure. She is an expert clinician that is “well loved” by her patients.

She has also been a member and Chair of the Advanced Practice Committee at her hospital. She worked tirelessly to get Advanced Practice a voting membership on the Medical Executive Committee. She currently serves as that member.  

She is a full time faculty member in the DNP Program. In this role she has endeavored to broaden her students' perspectives by organizing programs in which students will have hands on experience in the delivery of health care outside of the USA in both Costa Rica, this year, and Belize in 2019.  She also is a member of the steering committee working to provide healthcare to an underserved population in the city of Nashua through the deployment of a mobile health van.    

She has been involved in forwarding the profession of Advanced Practice Nursing since serving on the NHNPA as the Recording Secretary when she was a student in her Nurse Practitioner program over 20 years ago. In the succeeding 20 years she been a tireless volunteer serving in a number of capacities within the NHNPA structure. She has most recently traveled to Washington DC as member of the New Hampshire Delegation at  the AANPHPC.

The above litany of her accomplishments pale when we reflect on how much she has contributed, on a daily basis, not only to the care of her patients but to the advancement of Advanced Practice Nursing.

I know of no one more deserving of this award, Dr. Marilyn Daley! Congratulations