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July 1 Licensure RENEWALS !!!!!!!!New Hampshire APRN Licensure Survey

Posted about 1 year ago by Mary Bidgood-Wilson

Here are the details:

The New Hampshire Division of Public Health Services, in collaboration with the New Hampshire Board of Nursing, will be collecting key practice and capacity data from New Hampshire-licensed providers during the license renewal process, with an online survey. The survey will be available for those due to renew beginning July 1, 2018 and will remain a standardized component of the renewal process. Pursuant to RSA 326-B:9-a, licensees will be “required, as part of the license renewal process,” to complete the survey. However, providers may also opt out of participation by mailing the NH Health Professions Data Center the opt-out form found on the Center’s website.

Who can take the survey?

Only APRNs due to renew their New Hampshire license will have access to the survey.

How will the data be used?

The data will be a key resource in statewide healthcare workforce assessment; healthcare access planning; informing educational and training programs; emergency preparedness; recruitment and retention initiatives, including the National Health Service Corps and the New Hampshire State Loan Repayment Program; and other functions requiring accurate statewide data on provider capacity.

Will 3rd party entities have access to my data?

The data collected will be confidential and protected; it will only be used for the aforementioned purposes. All data will be de-identified and aggregated in workforce reports to ensure anonymity and confidentiality.

What format is the survey in – how long will it take?

The survey is electronic and will take anywhere from 3 to 15 minutes to complete. You will be able to review the survey before getting started, return to previously answered questions, time-out and return later to finish it, and even complete it on a mobile device. Also, due to the sophisticated logic incorporated in the survey, only questions that are relevant to you will be displayed.

Where can I find the survey?

Because the survey is a component of the online license renewal process, the link will be located on the Board of Nursing’s renewal website. If you cannot locate the link or have trouble accessing it on the renewal page, the survey link can also be located by searching for “NH APRN Survey” in a web browser, or by visiting the following websites:

  • New Hampshire Nurse Practitioner Association
  • Board of Nursing
  • New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services’ Health Professions Data Center

What if I still have questions?
Contact Danielle Weiss, Health Professions Data Center Manager, at Please do not contact the Board or NHNPA with technical questions regarding the survey.

APRN Licensure Survey.