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Legislative Weekly Update

Posted 7 months ago by Jennifer Thompson

This week, NHNPA registered its support for HB 237, a bill sponsored by Representative Bill Marsh of Wolfeboro that would create a Rare Disease Advisory Council.  One of the members of this council (as the bill has been proposed by Representative Marsh) would be an APRN appointed by NHNPA.  There was quite a bit of support for the bill from members of the public who came in to testify at the hearing, but DHHS cautioned that the council would be at least partially duplicative with respect to the work being done already by one or two other existing bodies.

Next week, we’ll be testifying in opposition to HB 509, a bill to allow “graduate physicians” (grads of med school who have not done residencies) to practice as physicians in New Hampshire.  We joined with many other organizations in successfully opposing this concept  when proposed last year.

Don't forget that on Tuesday we will be having our annual legislative breakfast in the State House cafeteria.  The breakfast will run from 7:30 am to 9:00 am.  We already have about a dozen NHNPA members who have volunteered to attend the breakfast and speak with the legislators who join us.  This s a good opportunity to remind everyone that, even if you cannot attend the breakfast, please call your local legislators just to introduce yourself and to fill them in on all the great work that you and your colleagues are doing.