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Legislative Update

Posted 7 months ago by Jennifer Thompson

This week we had our long-awaited legislative breakfast at the State House, and it was a great success.  Twelve nurse practitioners came to Concord and spent time talking with the legislators who joined us.  As we learn every year in these conversations, it is apparent how much more we need to do to educate the public on what it is that nurse practitioners do and how we get educated to do our jobs.  Even if you couldn’t have been there for this breakfast, though, you can still meet your legislators.  Just give them a call and meet them for coffee!  A meet and greet today might bear much fruit on a legislative initiative in the future.

In hearings this week, NHNPA registered its opposition to HB 509, which would create a graduate physician pilot program.  You’ll remember this issue from last year, when we joined together with a number of health care provider groups to advocate that a similar proposal be rejected (which it finally was, once it reached the Senate).  Although this bill has been cast as something that would increase access, it seems unquestionably true to us that it would not do that.  And, moreover, it most definitely would have a negative impact on the quality of care. Thanks to Mary Bidgood-Wilson for testifying on behalf of NHNPA at the hearing in front of the House HHS Committee on Thursday afternoon.