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You are invited to join MAT prescribers in NH-based Project ECHO

Posted 5 months ago by Liza Sivek

Good Afternoon,


You are invited to join MAT prescribers in NH-based Project ECHO with case-based learning on Medications for Addiction Treatment (MAT). The UNH Partnership for Academic-Clinical Telepractice (PACT): Medications for Addiction Treatment Program (PACT-MAT) is enrolling MAT prescribers and their teams in the upcoming PACT-MAT Project ECHO®. This grant-funded project is of no cost to participants, and free CME/CNE will be available.


The evidence-based Project ECHO® model links community-based practice sites and providers with faculty experts to teach and spread best practices.  Graduate UNH Nurse Practitioner students will also participate. The program will work to develop a learning community that increases provider and team knowledge of MAT for Opiate Use Disorder (OUD) and enable a culture that understands addiction as a chronic disease. Providers and teams will feel better prepared and capable to address a range of MAT/OUD issues, including (but not limited to) clinical management, compassion fatigue, stigmatization, and mental health conditions that emerge during the process of treatment. Specifically, this program will focus on all participants becoming proficient and culturally competent in prescribing and treating SUD as well as enhancing capacity and quality of services available to patients in their communities through their community providers.


Sessions will be held on the 3rd Wednesday of every month from 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm beginning April 17th. You and your team can participate remotely. Attached is a detailed participant description about the program.


Intended Audience: Primary care teams, nurse practitioners, including x-waivered primary care MAT prescribers, behavioral health clinicians, and other team members from practices located across New Hampshire, who seek support to develop, implement and sustain MAT care.  Rural providers are encouraged to apply.


There are limited spaces available. We encourage you to apply soon! If you and your team are interested, please fill out the enrollment application below:

Please reach out to with additional questions

- Gene Harkless

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