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Legislative Update 2/16/19

Posted 5 months ago by Jennifer Thompson

This week, NHNPA registered its support for SB 308, the legislation which was filed by Senator Cindy Rosenwald of Nashua, to address the critical shortage in the healthcare workforce.  This is a lengthy bill that addresses a number of different areas, including Medicaid rates and the state loan repayment program.  The hearing this week was in the Senate Executive Departments Committee, and, if as expected, it gets a positive recommendation from that Committee, it will likely then go on to the Senate Finance Committee for further review.

Also this week, NHNPA has been working with other stakeholders on SB 296, a bill which would allow certain healthcare providers to deliver testimony in some court cases via teleconference, and thus spare the providers from the burden of having to testify in person in each case.  NHNPA also asked the House Commerce Committee to include an APRN appointed by NHNPA to be a member of the “Healthcare for All” study commission proposed in HB 604.