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Legislative Update 3/30/19

Posted over 1 year ago by Jennifer Thompson

SB 308 Passes Senate

We are happy to report this week that the Senate on Wednesday voted to pass SB 308, the healthcare workforce bill supported by NHNPA.  As expected, the Senate then laid the bill on the table without sending it over to the House, in order for the SB 308 provisions to be available once the budget comes over to the Senate from the House in mid-April.  The idea would be (if the Senate Finance Committee agrees, of course) to combine the SB 308 provisions into the budget (HB 1) and the budget trailer bill (HB 2).  The House Finance Committee is expected to finalize the budget this coming week, and then the full House will vote on the budget by April 11. That will send the package over to the Senate.

 Thursday, April 4th is the crossover date for all other bills.  That means that we are essentially at the mid-point of the legislative session, and all bills that are moving from one body to the next will have crossed over to the other body.  We’ll be seeing an uptick in public hearings once again in the coming weeks as the Senate bills begin to be heard in the House, and vice-versa. Next week, NHNPA will be registering its support for HB 237 (creating a council on rare diseases) and on HB 736 (reestablishing the commission on environmentally-triggered chronic diseases). Both of those bodies would include an appointee of NHNPA.