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Legislative Update 4/23/19

Posted 3 months ago by Jennifer Thompson

HB 359 “Red Cap Bill”

NHNPA provided feedback on this bill which would have required all opioids to be provided to clients in prescription bottles with a red cap. Although it was brought about by concern that people may accidentally overdose not realizing that they were taking were an opioid, concerns about diversion of bottles with red caps and potential stigma created by the red caps, namely for those being prescribed suboxone, led to amendment. In collaboration with the medical society, NHNPA was in support of the amendment which requires a removable orange sticker on the bottle so that it can be removed by clients prescribed an opioid as an acknowledge.

SB 308 Workforce Bill, NP Action Needed

SB 308 is the workforce bill which would provide broader workforce development and loan repayment resources for nurse practitioners. Please watch your messages from NHNPA later this week for a template letter of support from you and/ or your organization. Every bit of support counts to move this forward.

HB 296 Live Testimony from Health Care Providers

NHNPA registered its support for HB 296, relative to live testimony in courts. This is the bill which allows records and bills to be introduced in certain civil cases in court without the need for live testimony by health care providers. The bill as introduced applied chiefly just to physicians, but at NHNPA’s suggestion it was made applicable to all licensed health care providers.

Kerry Nolte, PhD, FNP-C