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Christina Ferreri is 2019 New Hampshire NP Of the Year

Posted 10 months ago

Christina Ferreri and family celebrate her award at the Northern New England Nurse Practitioner Conference, April 2019

Christina Ferreri is 2019 New Hampshire NP Of the Year 

We are pleased to announce that Christina Ferreri, DPN, APRN, FNP-BC, and current NHNPA President, was the recipient of the 2019 NHNPA Nurse Practitioner of The Year Award at the First Annual Northern New England Nurse Practitioner Conference. She has demonstrated her deep commitment to NP practice through her work for all NPs in the Elliot Health System and her leadership in NHNPA. She enables a practice environment where NPs continue to excel in providing high-quality health care to the citizens of New Hampshire. Below is just some of her career achievement highlights:


  • Christina Ferreri is a clinical leader in pediatric primary care. After taking active leadership roles in the NHNPA, she is now the President of the Board of Directors.


  • She expertly manages the primary care health needs of New Hampshire pediatric patients using a family-centered approach. In this role, she provides cross coverage for 16 partners within the Elliott Pediatric Primary Care Network.


  • Christina earned her FNP at the University of New Hampshire and her DNP at Chatham University. Her capstone quality improvement project focused on measuring the outcomes of children who receive evidenced-based treatment for Lyme disease. Her goal for the project was to improve the prescribing habits of providers at her institution, the Elliott Health System.


  • She has made it a priority to give back to the NP profession through precepting of students. Christina is a highly valued adjunct faculty in the Family Nurse Practitioner program at the University of New Hampshire. A University clinical rotation with Christina is coveted by students.


  • Christina is a leader in her place of work for NP practice. Over her many years of practice, Christina has contributed her skill, knowledge, and leadership to several practice committees at the Elliot Health System including the Asthma Sub Committee, the Patient Care Committee, and the Research Advisory Committee.  She led the development of and chaired the Nurse Practitioner Council at the Elliott Hospital.  In this work, Chrissy helped implement a process for NP credentialing for clinical privileges and medical staff appointments.


  • Statewide, she has contributed as a panel member to the NH National Immunization Advisory Committee and to the Rochester area program for Technology Dependent Children. 


We thank Christina for her continued commitment and dedication to the Nurse Practitioners of New Hampshire and congratulate her on her well-earned recognition as NP of the year for 2019.