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Legislative Update: HB 1, HB 2 and SB 85

Posted over 2 years ago



Major news to report this week from Concord.  On Thursday, the Senate passed HB 1 and HB 2, the state budget and the budget trailer bill.  The versions that come out of the Senate include the SB 308-inspired rate increase for Medicaid providers (6.2% over the course of the biennium), as well as the funding for the state loan repayment program and primary care workforce.  This brings the long effort on this front much closer to completion, and for the first time, this year sees these provisions included in the actual budget documents.

 Next week, the House will vote whether to concur with the Senate changes or (as is virtually certain) ask for a Committee of Conference.  The Budget Committee of Conference would take place early in the week of June 16 and must be concluded by June 20.  The final vote on the Committee of Conference report would be on June 27, the final day of the session. 

In other news, the House passed SB 85, creating a commission on environmentally triggered illnesses.  The commission which is established in this legislation includes an APRN appointed by NHNPA.