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Legislative Announcement: SB 308 and the Budget

Posted over 2 years ago

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On Monday at 1 PM, the committees of conference on the budget and the budget trailer bill convened for the first time, to come up with a compromise on the final version of the budget that will be sent to the Governor. NHNPA is working with its allies on the SB 308 coalition to ensure that the Medicaid rate increases of 6.2% over the biennium that are in the Senate-passed version of the budget will remain in the final version that comes out of the committee of conference.

We are encouraged by the conversations we have been having with key members of the House and Senate. You may have read that on Wednesday of this week Governor Sununu rolled out his objections to the Senate version of the budget, and one of his targets is this Medicaid rate piece. The Governor apparently wants increases that are half the size of what the budget currently calls for (and, as you may remember, that budget number is itself half the size of what was provided for in SB 308. The Governor also said that he wants the Commissioner of DHHS to be the one who decides who gets what increases. The SB 308 coalition is strongly opposed to such changes.

For the time being, we are not issuing any call to action. As matters develop over the course of the next few days, though, you may be hearing further messages from us. In any event, since all committees of conference need to be concluded by the end of the day on Thursday, we will be able to let you know by this time next week what has happened.