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Legislative Update: Medicaid increase for providers

Posted over 2 years ago

We are happy to report that the budget committee of conference concluded yesterday and that the House and Senate conferees agreed to include in the budget the 3.1% increase for all Medicaid providers in each year of the biennium which had been part of the Senate-passed budget.  Thus, those rate increases survived the committee of conference process intact. 

The full House and Senate will vote on this on Thursday, and it is all but certain that this budget will be passed by both bodies. The big question is what the Governor will do when the budget reaches his desk. As of the moment, he has sharply criticized the budget but he has not specifically stated that he will veto it if it passes. It is worth noting that two of the provisions he was most critical of – family and medical leave insurance and a capital gains tax – were removed from the budget during the committee of conference. The key will be whether this was enough to get the document across the finish line.