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Greenville, SC


Family, Family

Practice Setting:

Retail Health Clinic


The program aims to help Family Nurse Practitioner students be at the forefront of health care delivery. MinuteClinic's preceptor program offers a unique experience because you are doing more than just enhancing your clinical skills. MinuteClinic accomplishes this goal by not only meeting the academic standards of the school, but by providing students with a well-rounded experience that includes specialized online training, patient interaction, visibility to our EMR and the opportunity to work in a new and exciting model of health care. Our preceptors have a passion for teaching and sharing their knowledge. All of our providers have exceptional clinical skills and have worked hard to become experts in the operational skills required to run their own clinic. To participate, you must be enrolled at a nurse practitioner program that has partnered with MinuteClinic and completed at least 1 semester.